Crisis on the border

In 2018, the US Army mobilized Captain Pinsker and sent him to the US/Mexico border. There, he was designated a federal special prosecutor and handled cases dealing directly with the border crisis including human trafficking, drug smuggling, and more. Matt Pinsker shares what he saw and did, and how there is a huge difference between what the media reports about and what is actually happening at the border. This topic is also covered by Matt C. Pinsker’s book, “Crisis on the Border.”

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War Powers Of The President & Congress

The US Constitution is silent for when can the President unilaterally use the military on his own authority, and when must the President go to Congress. Because of this omission, there has been an on-going debate about how far the war powers of the President goes, and...

Know Your Rights: How to Safely Interact with Law Enforcement

It feels like every day, there is a news story about an interaction with law enforcement which results in arrests, criminal charges, and sometimes even tragic and sometimes fatal outcomes. How do you avoid putting yourself in jeopardy, legally or physically, when the...

Freedom of speech

We know we have freedom of speech, but do we know what that means? What speech is protected by the First Amendment, and what isn’t? What about hate speech, offensive language, or language which may incite a riot? What do US laws and the Constitution say about...

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